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SERVICES Email Security

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The ultimate solution, SCM GUARD PLATFORM!

From the moment the client receives e-mail, to the moment the client sends e-mail, SCM GUARD secures your safety every moment.

  • Receive GUARD

    This is the World's first E-mail security to integrate with AI, the one and only firewall e-mail program that preemptive strikes the expected threat.


    This is KIWON's self-developed, the upcoming generation of mail engine which is not only convenient, but also safe.

  • Send GUARD

    SECU GUARD enable the client to handle e-mail and also the ERP.


With thorough consulting services, KIWON offers the client customized solution

double quotation By allocating experts in every field, the clients will get high-quality outcome.

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KIWONTECH Customized ERP Solution

Are you currently using the conventional ERP that does not fit your work flow? Not every business share the same work procedure That is why KIWONTECH provides the customized ERP that is adjustable for each clients' works and needs.

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WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY Customer Testimonials

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We have used many other email security solutions prior to Receive GUARD but none were able to provide detailed sender information such as specific IP addresses. Furthermore, Receive GUARD is able to detect brand-now viruses in email attachment and URLs. With Receive GUARD, Hyundai Oilbank’s email accounts are completely secured.

Deputy General Manager of the management Information Team, Hyundai Oilbank Co.Ltd.

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After using Receive GUARD, we could easily look at the classification of senders and discern between the emails that were legitimate and those that were not. In particular, our institute is most impressed by the feature of converting dangerous URLs and attachments in to image files.

Ph.D of the Information & Computing Team. National Fusion Research Institute.

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Prior to using Receive GUARD, we tried many email security solutions against phishing and virus attacks but to no avail. Since using Receive GUARD, employees of our company have been very satisfied with the product and are pleased to be able to use their email accounts without fear of phishing and virus attacks.

Assistant Manager of System Development Team, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd.